Founded 1893
Registered with the CCNI NIC10079
This form is filled in by the Steward of Charities / Almoner, passed in open Lodge, then sent to the appropriate District Charity Committee for confirmation of acceptance. The application will then be forwarded for inclusion on the agenda of the Down Masonic Widows Fund A.G.M. Keep a photocopy of each years form, for personal reference, during the term the widow is on the fund. It will assist you in assessing whether the widow is receiving her full entitlement.

Emergency action in certain circumstances, can be utilised with a phone call from your Lodge Secretary to the Secretary of the Fund.

When completing the form with the widow there may be occasions when it appears that there is assistance available from Government be it Pension Credit or Rates Rebate or other benefits.

If the widow is not a tenant and owns her home she may be entitled to a Rates Rebate
Help is available at:   Land and Property Services
The form is also available as a pdf document here.   Rates Rebate form

If the widow is a tenant and does not own her own house help is available at: Housing Executive

If you think that the widow may be entitled to pension credit there is a very good calculator on line which can tell you whether she is eligible. Elderly people can be very afraid of applying for assistance and also too proud, but it is their right and encourage them to do so.

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