Founded 1893
Registered with the CCNI NIC10079

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The objective of the fund was to afford assistance to deserving widows and families, including mothers and sisters of freemasons who have been of a lodge in the Province of Down outside a six mile radius of Belfast. The inclusion of mothers and sisters is interesting and is there to cover the case of a brother who does not marry but lives with his widowed mother or unmarried sister.  

With regards to the families of deceased brethren, the children  are well covered by the Boys’ and Girls’ Benefit Funds.

The fund covers the districts of Banbridge, Bangor, Downpatrick, Newry and Newtownards. Within these districts there are 84 lodges with a total membership of 4000 brethren. We currently have 160 widows on the fund.d T

Assistance is by grants as the Committee may find best suited to the necessities of the applicant.

Applications should be completed by the Lodge in the first instance and these will then be forwarded to the District Charity Committee where they will be ratified and then sent to the Fund secretary for consideration by the Trustees.

The Annual General Meeting

Held in the Millbrook Lodge Hotel Ballynahinch on 26th February 2018.

R. W. Bro. Des Smyth, President; R.W. Bro. John Clarke, Provincial Deputy Grand Master of Down; R. W. Bro. Ian Ritchie PPAGM, Chairman; M. W. BRO. Douglas Grey, M. W. Grand Master, M. Ex. Companion Neil Coey, District Grand King of Down and R.W. Bro. Noel Sufferin Secretary.

The Fund is celebrating 125 years of supporting

Widows in the Province of Down